KD Tools (KDT3414) Serpentine Belt ToolCapabilities and Rewards: Supplies the required leverage and clearance to discharge spring stress and move the tensioner pulley Solutions a assortment of vehicles equipped with this design of accessory push belt Take care of has a three/8\\\” generate for other jobs requiring additional leverage Replacement elements are availableThis device is utilised to launch rigidity on the serpentine belt self-adjusting loafer pulley. It really is straightforward to use, just push or pull to release rigidity. This device has been examined in the \\\”field\\\” with skilled customers and the excellent is excellent! (more…)

KD Tools KDT3680 Gearwrench Serpentine Belt Tool KitKD Tools KDT3680 Gearwrench Serpentine Belt Software Package Functions and Advantages: Similar substantial protection as the KDT3414, but with the ease of GearWrench technological innovation a hundred% protection of all vehicles such as the 3/4 Volvo Straightforward access with both crows foot and socket sizes GearWrench offers exceptional obtain and ease of use Shops in blow molded case Tool can only be utilized with KD Resource distinctive slim line sockets Now involves a 13mm socket to go along with the 13mm crowsfoot (more…)

From the Manufacturer

Serpentine belt instrument package releases the stress on belts with spring-loaded idler pulleys. Added prolonged 23 inch- 59cm cope with reaches where ratchet sort and common tools will not. Two ext bars create several doing work angles. Incorporates 5 six-stage sockets (13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm), 3 Crow\\\’s Foot Wrenches (13mm, 14mm, 15mm) and two Male Square Sockets (three/8-Inch and 1/two-Inch). Deal with and ext also function 13mm and 15mm 12-position and 16mm -6point openings. All packed in blow mildew case. (more…)