Lisle 59000 Ratcheting Serpentine Belt ToolLisle Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool is designed to release stress on serpentine belts with a spring loaded idler pulley. The sockets are lower profile in order to fit challenging to achieve locations. It functions ratcheting head with freewheel position that will allow maximum leverage. This stool involves extension for difficult-to-attain loafer pulleys. It is also utilized to eliminate and install belts on serpentine belt methods. (more…)

From the Manufacturer

This OEM 27115 Serpentine Belt Instrument services a assortment of autos equipped with a serpentine accessory gain belt. It offers the required leverage and clearance to launch the spring stress and remove the tensioner pulley. Involves extended take care of and 4 shallow thirteen, 15, 16, and 18mm sockets. The deal with has a 3/eight-inch square push for individuals jobs requiring further leverage. A one/2-inch generate adapter is also included. Comes in a sturdy molded plastic storage/carry situation. (more…)

Gear Wrench 3680 Serpentine Belt Tool 16 Piece SetGearWrench Serpentine Belt Device Package Same intensive protection as the , but with the comfort of GearWrench\\\” Technologies. 100% coverage of all vehicles which include the three/4 Volvo. Effortless accessibility with the two crows foot and socket sizes. GearWrench gives exceptional obtain and ease of use. Merchants in Blow Molded case. Device can only be utilized with KDT distinctive slim line sockets, incorporated. (more…)