ATD 8606 24 pc. Fan Clutch Removing/Installing Set and Serpentine Belt Tool and Accessories24 pc. Admirer Clutch Getting rid of/Installing Set and Serpentine Belt Software and Gadgets

? Lover Pulley Retaining resources: 2-1/4\\\” (57mm), three-1/4\\\” (82mm)
? Fan Clutch Pulley Holding Resources: two-one/8\\\” (54mm), 3\\\” (76mm)
? a couple of-13/16\\\” (72mm) Supporter Hub Wrench
? Supporter Clutch Wrenches: one-7/16\\\” (36mm), one-9/16\\\” (39mm)
? a couple of-three/8\\\” (60mm) Supporter Clutch Bolt Holding Tool
? Crowfoots: 13mm (GM Quad 4), 14mm (Saturn)
? Clutch Nut Wrenches: 1-7/16\\\” (36mm), 1-seven/8\\\” (47mm) Left hand (more…)