Bando 6PK1285 OEM Quality Serpentine BeltBando has been manufacturing rubber merchandise for through a hundred many years. Bando is the OEM suppliers to more than 80 percentage of the prime ten vehicles bought in the U.S. (by volume). As an OEM belt maker, the serpentine belts are precision floor two occasions to insure adherence to OEM specification. Belts developed from a mold course of action will not realize the actual rib profiles that are needed by OEM suppliers. Bando belts are produced with EPDM rubber which adheres to OEM specification which is a lot more warmth resistant and extended lasting. With 19 crops throughout the world, Bando is the 3rd largest maker of automotive drive belts in the entire world. Bando USA manufactures belts in Bowling Green, Kentucky. All Bando belts are generated to one particular premium set of specifications with only OEM top quality. They manufacture electrical power transmission belts for the automotive, industrial as nicely as agriculture offering complete protection for domestic, import and mild truck. Bando USA, with an ISO and QS9000 certified plant in Bowlin (more…)

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